P1.667 HD Led Displays

Ultra High DefinitionResolution is often key in most installs of LED.The SGR pitch is one of the highest resolution curve-able displays on the market and ultra high definition series can perfectly express the lifelike image and exquisite color.Intelligent brightness adjustmentSGR LED displays create an interactive system for customers to realize ambient brightness acquisition and display terminal brightness control so that the change of brightness of the terminal and ambiance will be intelligently adaptive.Stable and Reliable,Website: raw materialSGR use a unique method to processing the screen EMC,this is an important technology for SGR screen is more stable than others.We choose the import lighting material,high qualified IC card and no-noise high-power power supply ensure the whole screen no-noise,low power dissipation.Perfect Equipment, wide range of applicationsSGR UHD LED displays introduce an nonlinear error compensation ensure high-quality live/broadcast and meet the requirements of different applications, particularly suitable for some applications with special requirements in color, such as studios, video conference, TV station, medical display applicationsNon-Standard size and perfectly meet the clients requirementIn actual application, due to the fixed and standard size of display module ,the display screen always can not meet to the expected size from clients , someone always solve it by sacrifice space, resulting in the gap between actual display effect and expectation.  SGR offer non-standard size display module according to customer requirements and achieve customer satisfaction.Durability against shock,no problem for long-haulDurability against shock,no problem for long-haulEach SGR product must pass the shock test before delivery, this ensure the screw well connect and no poor-contact after long-haul transportation.Stable and reliable, long-term useSupport 7 * 24 hours a day, 100,000 hours long life, and there is no need to replace the light source during the life cycle, saving operating and maintenance costs.Wide viewing angleHigh-definition big screens are self- emitting units and the color performance of any viewing angle can be kept intact, ensuring you have a larger viewing area, to better meet the needs of different environments.

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