(Dash/Deck) Visor Light

We are a trusted and innovative LEDwarning light manufacturer, specialize in warning beacon lights, strobe light heads and warning light bars. All the products reach the standards of ECE R65/CISPR 25 /ECE R10/SAE/RoHS/EMC.


SUMBEXAUTO LED dash lights are visor emergency lights that can be placed either in the window screen, or rear deck of a vehicle to provide additional warnings. Windowshield LED windshield strobe light barand window strobe lights are available for you to choose. They can easily be mounted against the inside of your windshield with a strong suction cup. Which are used for fire, police vehicles, emergency service, and commercial vehicles.

Visor LED emergency lights are bright and affordable, ideal for undercover or unmarked vehicles. Easy suction cup installation makes them LED visor light with takedown. Visor flashing and visor with lightsoffer multiple flash pattern options. If you are looking for dash/deck visoremergency lights, don't hesitate to contact us.

What are Visor Flashing Lights

An visor flashing light is one of the simplest and most inconspicuous ways to add visor led emergency lights to the front or back of your vehicle. With multiple mounting, color and size options, these visor strobe lights are adaptable and powerful visor flashing lights which can hopefully meet your needs.

Features of Visor Strobe Lights

Different Colors of Emergency Vehicle Visor Lights

Red and blue used in visor led emergency lights

Red and blue led emergency lights are used by all State and Federal Police forces, Naval Police, Military Police, Air Force Police and Australian Border Force motor vehicles. Red and blue is also used by all State and Australian Defence Force fire and ambulance services.

Red used in visor led emergency lights

Red visor emergency lights signify a risk-to-life situation. Red visor flashing lights used to be in use for fire engines, ambulances and non WA State Emergency Service motor vehicles before they changed to red and blue.

Amber used in visor led emergency lights

Amber or yellow visor warning lightsare used by roadside breakdown vehicles, security patrol vehicles, tow trucks, road construction/repair motor vehicles and most other utility vehicles. Amber visor warning lights are also used by motor vehicles operating in and around airports and docks.

Green used in visor led emergency lights

These are used to denote a stationary ambulance, fire or police command motor vehicle. In Queensland it is also used on some State Forest bush fire units along with the amber visor emergency lights. Further, in Queensland, some municipal animal control units use green visor emergency lights and amber light combination.

Blue used in visor led emergency lights

Blue emergency visor lights are reserved for emergency motor vehicles in general, such as police, fire, ambulance, State Emergency Service (except Queensland) and traffic commanders. Visor blue lights are also used by airport emergency vehicles to designate a command vehicle.

White used in visor led emergency lights

White visor emergency lights are used on most newer emergency vehicles, both as an extra color on led emergency visor light barand in the form of 'wig-wag' headlights.

How to Choose Visor Flashing Lights

Once you have determined that visor flashing lights are needed, the next step is to evaluate the sizes, colors, and features of visor flashing lights that are available. You can choose from a variety of led visor light bars that are sold through our website, and these tools offer many customizable features. For example, if you are outfitting a police car, then it is likely that you will want red, blue, and white visor flashing lights on the visor. On the other hand, a construction vehicle might need orange or amber visor flashing lights to use the vehicle in a construction zone.

High-functioning flashing lights have a lot of sizes and prices. You can choose these visor flashing lights according your needs. We assure that all the visor flashing lights are of high-quality and qualified industrial requirements. After service of our visor flashing lights are perfectly provided without doubt.

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