LED Street Light

We started to manufacture types of led street lightssince 2011, with exclusive IP68 high efficiency LED sources and whole body die-cast aluminum design enable high stability of the street light; Multiple kinds of light distributions bring visual ease and comforts to the road operators in different applications; As a waterproof street light factory, we could also offer tailor individualized solutions for an enormous variety of different street lighting conditions. Our china led light streetpower includes 20W-480W optional. Moreover, we have street light source perfectly realizing the balance between reliability and high luminous efficiency. Please feel free to consult any questions about street lighting projects. We will provide high quality products and good service for you.

Different Types of LED Street Lights

Side-entry LED Road Light

T1M LED Road Lighting

T1B LED Road Lighting

T1F LED Road Lighting

T1D LED Road Lighting

Side-entry & Post-top LED Roadway Light

T19E LED Street Light

T12A LED Road Lighting

T32C LED Road Light

T65 LED Roadway Light

LED Garden Light

GL1A LED Garden Light

GL2A LED Garden Light

Why HPWINNER Offer LED Street Light with IP68 Light Source?

As we all know, LED street light as public lighting have been washed by outdoor storms for a long time, and the waterproof problem is very important.

When the light is turned on and off, the gas or water vapor in the lamp chamber expands in heat and contracts in cold. This is called "Breath effect" of led street light, LED street light every day through the process of this kind of "breath effect", will turn out for the cavity body in a certain amount of water vapor, water easily and it is very difficult out into the street lamps. The air in the chamber will exchange with outside if IP is lower than IP67.

Failure of LED Lamps Caused by Inadequate Protection Level

This is the reason Hpwinner developed IP68 modules. IP68 light source reduces the damage rate of LED internal LED and extend the service life of LED lamps.

FAQs of LED Street Light

What led street light wattage do HPWINNER offer?

We could offer from small wattage 20W to 400W led street lights which replace the traditional sodium lamp with full powers on the market.

What standard CCT of HPWINNER street lights?

What is the highest luminous efficacy could HPWINNER offer for led street light?

What is the standard mounting diameter of HPWINNER led street light?

As a led light factory in china, we can offer types of lighting solutionsfor customers, if you have needs, please contact us.

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