Ground Stake For Sale

To meet different customer's requests, we designed different sizes of stakes ground for a better market,some of them are using brass materials

Slotting-Stake-401B-1to give better quality support. And some of them using plastic material. We have two kinds of size,including 4x4 ground stakesand 18 inch ground stakes.

Features of Ground Stake

· Pound stake into the ground before affixing the quality outdoor lighting fixtures. The large groove slit enables you to insert wire and affix fixture after wire ground stakes are already in the ground!

· Easier, fastest, most convenient method for installing fixtures and stakes!

· Screws on to any landscape light, outdoor light, low voltage fixture.

· Add the brass stake cover that fits over the stake for the ultimate premium look.

Types Of Ground Stake

Brass Ground Stake

Rating:ⅢIP:wetMaterial:BRASScolor:Antique brassApplication:Landscapestandard:

Small Plastic Ground Stake

The small plastic ground stake is suitable for use with a landscape lights pole. Please measure your lights pole's inner diameter first before buying. In order to confirm the stake size suits you ...

Big Plastic Ground Stake

Easy to assemble, you just need to connect the plastic ground spikes to the connector on the bottom of the pole and you're done. Our big plastic ground stake is waterproof,rust-proof, and durable,...

Big Plastic Slotting Ground Stake

This one is a replacement stake for landscape light fixtures and is easily installed into different terrains. Sturdy and Corrosion resistant composite construction. With slot, the stakes can be easily...

How do I choose the ground stake that suits my market?

As a brass landscape lighting manufacturer, we have ground stake of different materials and lengths. Please look at our outdoor lighting manufacturers lists for specific options. They will analyze and recommend ground stake suitable for your market.

If you want to know more about brass landscape lighting fixtures, please visit our website.

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