Solarpowered driveway lightsare absolutely necessary public equipment for city construction. SOKOYO's solar driveway lighting system is an independent DC-driven lighting system. It is energy-saving, clean, and safe, with no fire accident compared with traditional LED Street lights. The installation of our solar driveway post lights is very simple and easy. There is no need for underground wiring, which can save much labour cost. Moreover, it is Auto on/Off by optical control, no need manual switch.

Easy to control, SOKOYO's solar lights along drivewayare simple to maintain and low in cost. Up to now, our outdoor solar driveway lightshave been exported to more than 50 countries.

Our solar led driveway lightswill mainly use the solar cells in the panel to seize the energy from the sun during the day, and that energy will be converted into electricity and stored in the battery automatically. Once sunlight starts to fade and the solar panel voltage drops lower than 5 volts, LEDs will then progressively start to light on. The controller in the system normally controls the battery charging and the working time and mode of the light. Our block paving solar lightswill remain on throughout the night, consuming the energy stored in the battery. The next day the cycle repeats.

What Are The Best Solar Driveway Lights?

Good solar powered block paving lights should conform to the following requirements:

Sufficient Brightness. A good solar driveway lighting should be strong enough to ensure that both the drivers and pedestrians can see the obstacles on the driveway.

Uniform lighting effects. The lighting distribution of the solar-powered block paving lights should be uniform and even.

Flexible lighting. In accordance with the diverse driveway conditions, good block paving solar lights should be able to adjust their lighting angle flexibly so as to better ensure the safety of the driveway.

How Far Apart Should Driveway Lights Be?

Unlike lighting up a parking lot, where the strong commercial solar LED parking lot lights are normally used, you actually do not have to light up every inch of a driveway. Thus, it is ideal to place solar-powered block paving lights 10-15 feet away from each other. By doing so, you can create a perfect solar driveway lighting that points the way both clearly and gently.

As one of the most professional solar led street lighting suppliers, we provide solar led light street, china solar panel street light, solar powered perimeter lightsand etc. Contact us to know more details of our products.

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