GA738-II Towel Loom

GA738-II Towel Loom

GA738-II underneath type dobby towelloom machinehas been released to the market for a long time and received good feedback from customers. This loom machine is known for features like stable function, cost performance, easy maintenance, long endurance and excellent fabric quality. The success of GA738-II towel loom has lifted us to the leading position among all the weaving machine suppliers.

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GA738-II Towel Loom


The adoption of strengthened beat-up structure has increase the beating power, suitable for thick heavy terry fabrics.

Thicker weft beating shaft assures enough beating rigidity, making it possible to weave wide width terry towels above 280cm.

The optimized six-linkage weft insertion structure allows a softer and more rational weft insertion curve.

The two electromagnets controlled by process program on electronic system are able to weave both high and low terry.




Operation speed

Maximum weft insertion 250 picks/min, maximum weft insertion rate 750m/min

Weft yarn count range

cotton 5Ne~80Ne

Wool 8Nm~130Nm

Man-made fiber 1200dtex~75tex

Take up

Servo take-up, weft density 4~200picks/cm, maximum rolling dimension 600mm. Off-loom big roller also available.


Servo let-off, weft density 4~200picks/cm, diameter beam flange 800 or 680mm


Underneathtypeelectronic dobby, maximum 20 shafts; 12mm pitch, can also match with electronic jacquard

Fabric weight

From 50 to 800g/sq.m.

Weft selection

Electronic weft selection which is available in single or mixed ormulticolorup to 8 colors.

Weft feed

The loom is possible to be equipped with different types of weft accumulators.

Weft stop

Electronic weft monitor with high sensitivity

Warp stop

Electric warp stop device with 6 bars


Main motor 2.6~3KW-8 pole

Electronic control

The most advanced electrical control system, microprocessor units guarantee all the machine functions,supervisingoperation, collecting and displaying of production data.


Leno selvedges are driven by the 1stand 2ndshaft of heald frame, or independent servo selvage device


Central auto oiling pump system

company:Sino Textile Machinery

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