Vinegar Liquid Maturation Storage Tank

Capacity range 5-100m3, Made by SUS316L, use for vinegar liquid maturation.

Prettech was established in 1971, focus on providing stainless steel vessel for Food

Liquid industry, widely used in brewing, winery, Dairy, agriculture product

processing, Beverage, pharmaceutical, bio-engineering and so forth.

Our have been exported to more than 20 countries, include US, Canada, Brazil, Chile, France, Italy, UK, Germany, Australia, Japan, Indonesia,

Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Australia and New Zealand.

The total assets of the company are USD25Million, covering an area of 29 Hectare. It has five branches with a total staff of 4500, of which 75 are scientific researchers.

The design institutes and universities have hired authoritative personages in the

industry for technical guidance and information exchange all the year round.


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