Duct Auto Line Ⅵ

Model No.:CAL5-1.2x1300,CAL5-1.2x1600 Max Coil Width:4'(1250mm),5'(1550mm) Thickness Range:0.5-1.2mm Speed:0-18m/min Shearing Tolerance:±0.5mm Diagonal Tolerance:±0.5mm Min.Order Quantity:1 Set Supply Ability:10 Sets per Month Port:GUANGZHOU PORT,SHENZHEN PORT Payment Terms:T/T,L/C

Duct Auto Line Ⅵ Products Information The world's new designed auto duct forming machine is now available since Comifo designed the Auto Line VI, which can be put in a 20GP container. Container duct auto line VI with the feature of small size, firm structure and easy for installation, it can be used in the construction site to fulfill the ideal of movable operation and processing. This auto line consists of decoiler (a special design which is easy to load coils in construction site), straightening, beading, punching, notching, shearing, patented automotion Pittsburgh lock forming (shearing, Pittsburgh lock, right angle lock in one time), duplex TDF flange forming, duplex right angle lock forming (for angle iron), and TDF folding. It can process different ducting of “L”, and “口". Used with the Comifo vertical duct seaming machine and corner inserter, increases production efficiency and saves labor cost. The construction site used hvac duct forming machineauto line VI is Comifo's brave innovation and the world’s first container type auto line! It saves the manual work and transportation cost, which can move to different construction sites just by moving the container (No extra installing and testing are needed). Our duct forming machine has gained great popularity ever since its first face show in the market in 2012.

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