Heavy-duty Plastic Granulator


AMG-800H AMG-1000H AMG-1200H AMG-800H+ AMG-1000H+ AMG-1200H+


AMG-H Series are used for recycling of various kinds of plastic wastes. This series is suitable to crush different hard and soft plastic wastes in different shapes like PET Bottles, PP/PE films, PVC pipes and fittings, plastic blocks, chemical drums, big plastic barrels, plastic sheets, electric wires, etc. Large cutting chamber size and motor power insures machine can crush large material with big output capacity.

Features of our :

High-intensity rotor shaft, blades and screws insures a heavy-duty performance.

Special designed bearings block keep dust away for long life using.

V-shaped blades, Claw blades and Flat blades are optional for different plastic wastes.

Electric motor screw device for opening and closing cutting chamber to save manpower.

Separate structure design for cutting chamber and screen mesh, easy to clean and maintenance.

Safety switch to protect people, overload device to protect motor.

6CrW2Si standard blades material, SKD11 blades material is optional.

Fixed with anti-vibration pad to reduce vibration and noise.

There is more details of the ,please view our web:

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