Magnetic Proximity Switch Mounting Thread

1、DescriptionMPS series proximity switch is a kind of switch type sensor. It is consist of a magnetic red switch and magnet.  It can make detection without having to make the mechanical contact. The magnet moves with operation, to actuate a sealed magnetic reed switch, producing the required signal, this signal can be used to actuate audible or visual alarms as well as relay, etc.2、Features and ApplicationsFeatures: 1. No instant movements when return difference reset;2. Wide operating voltage and big load capacity3. Reliable, long duration of cycle and be able to work in harsh environment4. cost effective and wide selection for many applications.Applications:1. Distance detectionDetect the elevator and lifts stop position and start position. Detect the vehicle position, the setting position of the working machines, the extreme position of the moving machine or components. Detect the stop position of the, the open and close position of the valve. Detect the piston move position of the air cylinder or the hydraulic cylinder.2. Dimension controlControl the metal plate punching dimension. Choose and identify the metal parts length automatically. Detect the stock height. Detect the dimension and volume of the objects.3. Rotating speed and speed controlControl the conveyor speed and rotating speed of various rotating machine. 4. Count and controlCount the product quantity of the production lines and the parts.5. Detect exceptionDetect the bottle cap and check the qualified products. Check the metal products existing in the packing box. Distinguish the meal and non metal parts. Check whether the products are with label. Danger area alarm for the crane. Automatic stop and start of the escalator.6. Metering controlAutomatically meter the products or the components. Detect the flow of the meter and the instrument. Upper limit and lower limit control of the instrument range. Flow control and level control.3、Technical ParametersDetection Distance≥5mmContact modeNormally CloseActuating MagnetferriteHousing MaterialSUS 304 stainless steelWorking Temperature-10℃~+60℃HumidityMax. RH80%Insulation Resistance10MΩ DC500VProtection GradeIP55Operating voltage250Vac, 24VdcOperating Current0.5AOperating Power70WContact Resistance160mΩ(max)Vibration Resistance33Hz~2500HzShock Resistance30GDuration of Cycle100000  Times4、Product Photograph5、Product Dimension6、Product Dimension6.1 The sensor should be installed far from the magnetic interfering field.6.2 The sensor should be used within the technical parameter allowed.

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