Метр хлорофилла завода


Product description

Chlorophyll Meter can measure chlorophyll content of plants. Chlorophyll content and leaf nitrogen content have a very close relationship. Thus, chlorophyll content can reflect plants demand for nitro. Using the instrument can do go to put nitrogen fertilizer reasonably, improve utilization of nitrogen and protect environment.

Technical parameters

Measuring area: 10mm

Measuring mode: 2-wavelength concentration difference of optical methods

Sensors: Silicon semiconductor photodiode

Display mode: measuring value: 3 digits liquid crystal display

Measuring times: 2 digits liquid crystal display

Min measuring interval :< 2s

Measuring Range: 0.0-99.9 SPAD

Accuracy: ±1.0 SPAD

Repeat: ±0.3SPAD

Operating temperature: 0-50°C

Storage temperature: -20-55°C

Power:2 AA batteries

Dimensions (L × W × H) : 155mm * 70mm * 42mm

Battery life: can maintain more than 20000 operations

Memory capacity: 30datum, automatically calculate and show the average. On: to open the power and OFF: to close the power.

AVG button: Calculate the average of data

Del (to move all data) button: Clear all the data

DISP button: Display stored datum

MEAS button: Press MEAS key to test

Weight: 320 grams (excluding batteries)

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