Android-система Интеллектуальный Leaf Area Meter

Model: YMJ-C
The system of intelligent leaf area meter consists of a backlight apparatus and a tablet computer embedded application software (android). The APP is synthesis software; it adopts advanced image processing technology, and through the principles of leaves shapes drawing, space transformation and edge detection, and morphology as well. The instrument is used for measuring leaf area and other values.
Technical parameters
Suitable range
varying size of green, yellow, red or other colors for plant leaves.
Measuring range
5~100 CM2
Measured max length
Measured max width
The accuracy for counting worm hole
App Features
1. Android system, it is easy and quick to handle with more intelligent, humanized and can be
upgraded applied functions
2. 7inchs full-color touch-screen, 8 million pixels. After taking photo, the software will count and
display the value automatically.
3. Powerful storage functions with 16G SD Card.
4. View the data with report and Excel format.
5. Manual fixed the leaf shape to ensure a high accuracy counting.
6. Three algorithms optional: general, dark color and light color. After taking photo, choose the
suitable algorithm according the leaf’s color.
7. After taking photo, the software could count and display leaf area, perimeter, length, width,
quantity of worm holes automatically.

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