NMR Oil Content Analyzer

NMR Oil Content Analyzer is specially used for testing oil content in oil crops.
1 .High efficiency, sample can be tested within 30s. 2. Safe, nondestructive, no pollution, low carbon, environmentally friendly, 3. Expenses saving, Can save lots of water, electricity, either, labor, extraction, equipment expenses. 4. High accuracy and good stability.
Technical parameters
Test variety
Test oil content in bean, rapeseed, sesame, corn, cottonseed, sunflower seed, Peanut seed, wheat, bancoul nut, volatile matter and
so on.
Color LCD, mouse + keyboard, computer operation software carries on adjusting the frequency automatically, The data can be copied
by USB flash disk to the computer and printed, software upgrades through USB flash disk
Technical parameter
Sample volume: 40ml
Oil measuring range: 0.1%-100%
Precision: +0.2%
Stability: +0.1%
Power source: 220V, 50HZ
Power consumption: ≤40W

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