Микрообъемный спектрофотометр UV-VIS



MiUV-1 is a perfect instrument for micro-volume UV-VIS spectrophotometer, designed specifically for the life science market. It can accurately measure DNA, RNA and oligonucleotide calculations, protein assays etc. MiUV-1 utilizes CCD detector, a Xenon light source for long lifetime together with simple software. With micro volume of 0.5~2ul samples on the pedestal and the sampling arm laid down, it can complete the measurement within 5seconds.

Features and advantage:

Easy Operation: Pipette sample onto the pedestal and lay down the sampling arm for measurement and then wipe the pedestal after that

Fast Measurement: Be able to measure instantly without lamp warming up and scan fully from 200-800nm within 5seconds.

Micro-Volumes: Only 0.5~2ul of samples are required to accurately determinate nucleic acid and Proteins.

User-friendly Software: Simple software and free software updates are always available.

No Expensive Consumables: Direct measurement without waster of dilations and expensive consumables.





Optical system




Instrument Functions

DNA/ RNA/ Protein Sample Size: 0.5~2ul

PC Scanning Software


Wavelength Range




Wavelength Accuracy


Photometric Accuracy


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