Портативный измеритель микроклимата



1.Big LCD display, film-style key, can display sampling date and time, group count, temperature, humidity, illuminance, wind direction, wind speed, rainfall and other parameters( can increase and change measuring parameters such as PAR , wind direction and speed, rainfall, soil water potential, soil PH, EC soil conductance, GPS positioning function, etc. According to needs).

2.Can connect with computer and realize the regional meteorological data collecting, processing and storage, Datum will be shown on screen, can be printed, can be exported to EXCEL format.

3.Automatically coleect various kinds of parameters datum, can upload datum to computer through sfotware(for frees) by connecting interfaces.

4.Users can set according to needs, can close parameter channels not used.

5.Strong extensibility: system program adopts modularization structure, convenient for function extension or shielding.

6.Powerful data storage function, can store up to 120000 goups of datum( 2 parameters is for 60000 goups, 3 parameters is for 40000 goups, 4 parameters is for 30000 goups, etc.) Datum can be viewed on the main machine or imported to computer.

Technical parameters:

Temperature range: -40-80°C
Temperature accuracy: ± 0.4°C
Humidity range :0-100%HR
Humidity accuracy: ± 3% HR
Light intensity of the :0-200000 LUX
Light precision: ±20LUX

Wind direction range: 0-359 degree

Wind speed range: 0-45m/s

Rainfall range: 0-4mm/min

Rainfall accuracy: ±0.4mm

Wind speed accuracy: ±(0.3+0.03V)m/s

Remarks: To add GPS positioning function, please notice before order.

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