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Model: SX series

1. Functions

This series of muffle furnace are all periodically-functioning types that are used for heating process in element analysis and steel parts quenching, annealing and tempering by lab, industrial mining enterprises and researching departments.

2. Characteristic:

1.Shell uses high quality steel plate, the superficial static electricity spurts spreads, looks beautiful.

2.Elevation temperature fast, heat preservation performance good, the furnace temperature is even.

3. Has used the new monolithic integrated circuit technology with the electric stove necessary use electric stove temperature controller, controls warm is precise, easy to operate.

Technical specification:

Power require: 2.5kw

Power resource: 220V

Max temp: 1000

Inside furnace sizemm: 200×120×80

Furnace sizemm: 610×380×478

Weight: 75kg

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