Block Shape Ferrite Magnet

Ferrite Magnet Dimension RangeRingOutDiaInnerDiaThicknessMax100.00mm80.00mm30.00mmMin2.60mm1.80mm1.00mmTolerance’+-2%MaterialFerrite magnetSpecification1.Coating:No;2.MOQ:10000PCS;3.Sample lead time:5-8days;4.Delivery time: 15-18days after confirm order;5.Ports:Shanghai or Ningbo;6.Payment terms:Alipay we usually take;T/T,Website: or Western Union;7.Service:we will do our best to serve you if we have the opportunity to cooperate with you;8.Application: various generator and motor with high-torque and speed, and for holding, speaker and sensor.The neodymium iron boron magnet has strong magnetic crystal anisotropy and high saturation magnetization. In permanent magnetic materials, the highest performance of sintered Nd-Fe-B magnets, commercial products the maximum magnetic energy product (BH) max=360kJ/m3, but lower the Curie temperature of the magnet (314 DEG C), temperature stability and corrosion resistance is poor, and limit the use under high temperature and in most cases need by coating protection. The manufacturing technology of the neodymium iron boron magnet has the powder metallurgy method and the melt quick quench method. Due to excellent magnetic properties, Nd-Fe-B type magnets have been widely used. It is mainly used in electric motors, generators, acoustic transducers, sensors, medical devices and magnetic machines.

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