Alloy 46

Alloy 46Precision Alloy 4J46,Website: K94600,(Fe-46Ni),Chinese 4J46Usage: This alloy has a constant average linear expansion coefficient at the range of 20  C to 500  C. It is mainly used with 95% aluminum oxide ceramic to form air tight seal in vacuum electronics.Grade & Chemical Composition (see Table 1) Table 1 Grade & Chemical CompositionGradeChemical Composition (%)CPSMnSiNi+Co+CuCoCuFe4J460.050.0200.0200.400.3045.0~46.05.0~6.03.0~4.0BalanceNotes: 1,Under condition that the average coefficient of the linear expansion meets the requirements of the standard, the content of nickel, cobalt and copper are allowed to deviate from the stated range. 2,The shape and dimensions of the alloys are in compliance with GB/T14985.Physical Property (see Table 2) Table 2 coefficient of linear expansionGradeHeat treatment of samplesAverage coefficient of linear expansion20~300 C20~400 C20~500 C4J46Heat to 850~900 C in a protective atmosphere or in vacuum condition, hold for 1 hour, and then cool to 300 C at a rate less than 300 C/h5.5~6.55.6~6.67.0~8.0Notes: 1. The Vickers hardness of the annealed strip (sheet) should be no more than 170. 2. For the unannealed strip (sheet) delivered, after heat treat at 900 C, and then hold for 30 min, the Vickers hardness should be no more than 170.Typical Property (see Table 3 Table 6) Table 3 coefficient of linear expansionGradeAverage coefficient of linear expansion in different temperature,  /(10-6/K)20~100 C20~200 C20~300 C20~400 C20~500 C20~600 C4J466. 4 Mechanical PropertyGradeHeat treatment temperature, CTensile strength, sb/MPaTensile stretch, (%)Vickers hardnessGrain size4J46750527.534.8137.4785051035.4134.66950483.536.7128.16~51050466.534.3125.65~4Table 5 Magnetic PropertyGrademagnetic inductionremanent magnetic induction/ Br/Tcoercivitymaxmum perameabilityB10/TBl00/T4J461.581.6l0.312.9655.5Table 6 Other Propertise of the AlloyGrademodulus of elasticityResistivitythermal conductivity200 C/[W/(m K)]Density/(g/cm3)4J461375000.5420.18.18Specification: Sheet/Plate, Bar/Rod/Wire/Coil,Capillary/Pipe/TubeSize Range:1. Sheet---Thickness 0.1mm~3.5mm, width: 300mm,Condition: cold rolled, bright, bright annealed2. Plate---Thickness 3.5mm~40.0mm,width: 300mm,Condition: cold rolled, hot rolled, annealed3. Round Wire---Dia 0.1mm~Dia 5.0mm,Condition: cold drawn, bright, bright annealed4. Flat Wire---Dia 0.5mm~Dia 5.0mm,length: 1000mm,Condition:flat rolled, bright annealed5. Bar---Dia 5.0mm~Dia 8.0mm,length: 2000mm,Condition:cold drawn,bright, bright annealed---Dia 8.0mm~Dia 32.0mm,length: 2500mm,Condition:hot rolled,bright, bright annealed---Dia 32.0mm~Dia 180.0mm,length: 1300mm,Condition:hot forging,peeled, turned, hot treated6. Capillary---OD 8.0mm~1.0mm,ID 0.1mm~8.0mm,length: 2500mm,Condition: cold drawn, bright, bright annealed7. Pipe---OD 120mm~8.0mm,ID 8.0mm~129mm,length: 4000mm,Condition: cold drawn, bright, bright annealed

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