Titanium Alloy

Titanium alloyGrade 5:GR5 Titanium alloy Chemical Composition:0.08C; 0.40Fe; 0.03N; 0.20O; 5.5-6.75Al; 0.015H; 3.5-4.5V;GR5 Titanium alloy Tensile strength:895 Mpa;GR5 Titanium alloy Yield strength:828 Mpa;GR5 Titanium Alloy Description:Heat treatable, high-strength, most commercially available Ti alloy ("workhorse" alloy for aerospace applications), for use up to 400˚C offering an excellent combination of high strength, toughness, and ductility along with good weldability and fabricability Grade 7:GR7 Titanium alloy Chemical Composition:0.08C; 0.03N; 0.25O; 0.30Fe; 0.12-0.25Pd; 0.015H;GR7 Titanium alloy Tensile strength:345 Mpa;GR7 Titanium alloy Yield strength:275 Mpa;GR7Titanium Alloy Description:Most resistant Ti alloy to corrosion in reducing acids and localized attack in hot halide media, with physical/mechanical properties equivalent to Gr. 2 Ti, and excellent weldability / fabricability. Grade 9:GR9 Titanium alloy Chemical Composition:0.08C; 0.03N; 0.15O; 0.25Fe; 2.5-3.5Al; 2.0-3.0V; 0.015H;GR9 Titanium alloy Tensile strength:620 Mpa;GR9 Titanium alloy Yield strength:438 Mpa;GR9 Titanium Alloy Description:Medium strength, non-ageable Ti alloy offering highest strength and design allowables under the pressure vessel code, with good weldability and cold fabricability for mildly reducing to mildly oxidizing media. Grade 12:GR12 Titanium alloy Chemical Composition:0.08C; 0.03N; 0.25O; 0.30Fe; 0.2-0.4Mo; 0.6-0.9Ni; 0.015H;GR12 Titanium alloy Tensile strength:438 Mpa;GR12 Titanium alloy Yield strength:345 Mpa;GR12 Titanium Alloy Description:Highly weldable and fabricable Ti alloy offering improved strength and pressure code design allowables, hot brine crevice corrosion, and reducing acid resistance compared to Ti Grades 1, 2, and 3. Approved for sour service use under the NACE MR-01-75 Standard Our Mainly Products:Our mainly products include GR1, GR2,GR5,GR7,GR9, GR12 titanium and titanium alloy tubes/pipes, plates/sheets, bars/rods, heat exchangers, condensers, machined parts, fittings, standard parts and non-standard parts etc. Our products are widely used in Chemical industry, Petroleum chemical industry, Medicine, Medical, Hydrometallurgy, Surface treatment, Ocean engineering, Fertilizer, Electric power, Vacuum coating, Salt manufacturing, Environmental engineering, Sports apparatus and Daily Civil etc. Welcome to contact us for information or quotation!TICHANG is a professional China titanium alloy supplier. With reliable performance, high quality and real-time after-sale service, we must be your best choice. Welcome to wholesale titanium alloy at competitive price with us.

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