Stainless Steel Base Plate R2.6100.042

    1. Product information: The base plate R2.6100.042 is a welding solution for balsutrade, posts, railings. It is produced by steel sheet with holes 42.4mm, 48.3mm. This model has out diameter from 100mm to 120mm based on different environment. To match this base plate we have cover plates from 105mm to 125mm. Stock Number ØMaterialSurfaceMOQR2.6210.04242.4mmAISI304/AISI316satin / mirror100pcsR2.6100.04848.3mmAISI304/AISI316satin / mirror100pcsR2.6100.05050.8mmAISI304/AISI316satin / mirror100pcs    2. Basic information: - Brand Name: Raising Inox - Material: AISI304, AISI316 - Glass Thickness: 8/8.76/10/12mm - Tube: 42.4x2.0mm, 48.3x2.0mm, 50.8x1.5mm, 48.3x2.6mm - Certification: CE- EN1090-1(By TUV) - MOQ: 100PCS - Deivery Time: 30 days after deposite- FOB Port: Qingdao/Shanghai - Payment Terms: T/T, L/C. Paypal  3. Detail Information:          

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