Ti6AL4V Titanium Alloy Bars

Ti6AL4V  Titanium alloy Bars Specification:Product:                             Ti6AL4V  Titanium alloy BarsGrade:                                Grade 5Standard:                           ASTM B348, ASTM F136, ASTM F67Types:                                Titanium alloy BarsProduction Process:      Forging, Rotary forging, extruding, rolling, drawingProduction Methods:        Forging machining, Hot rolling machiningDetection Mode:               We can according to customer's need to do the the ray testing, coloring, Magnetic particle testing, hydrostatic testingSupply States:                   Annealed (M)MOQ:                                 10 KgPayment Method:             TTApplications:                     Titanium and its alloy Bars are widely used in Oil drill pipe, oil exploration, oil drilling platform, vacuum coating pipe, mining equipment, coal chemical equipment, gas drilling equipment, such as high pressure resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance. etc…Chemical Requirements: GradeNCHFeOAlVPaMoNiTiGR Properties:GradeStateTensile strength(min)Yeild strength (min)Elongation (%)KsiMPaksiMPaGR 5(M)AnnealedProduction specifications:Dimensions (mm)Tolerance (mm)Ovality (mm)6.35 to 7.94± to 11.11±0.150.2311.11 to 15.88±0.180.2515.88 to 22.22±0.200.3022.22 to 25.40±0.230.3325.40 to 28.58±0.250.3828.58 to 31.75±0.280.4131.75 to 34.92±0.300.4634.92 to 38.10±0.360.5338.10 to 50.80±0.460.5850.80 to 63.50+0.79, − 00.5863.50 to 88.90+1.19, − 00.8988.90 to 114.30+1.59, − 01.17Company Information:Baoji Tichang Nonferrous Metal Materials Co., Ltd is the medium enterprise which annual sales revenue reaches approximately 16 millions RMB with over 20 employees. Our company has advanced production technology, perfect testing, and product quality stable.The specification of titanium bar and titanium alloy bar which we produce as follow:    OD 6mm~200mm,     Length(max) 6000mm.    Grade:GR1, GR2, GR5, GR7, GR9, GR12.    Standard:  ASTM B348, ASTM F136, ASTM F67.Production methods: Forfing machining, Hot Rolling machining.Production Process : Forging , Rotary Forging, Extruding, Rolling, DrawingThe products of our company including titanium bar, gr1 titanium bar, gr2 titanium bar, gr5 titanium alloy bar, gr7 titanium alloy bar, gr9 titanium alloy bar, gr10 titanium alloy bar, gr12 titanium alloy bar, titanium alloy bars for titanium alloy petroleum drill pipe, titanium alloy rod for titanium alloy stirringshaft, titanium standard pars, titanium non-standard parts.Welcome to contact us for information or quotation!Production Process 1 :Our Services:●You will have your reply as quickly as possible within 10 working hours●We provide free sample●After the contract taking effect, we arrange production as soon as possible.●Guarantee Quality and Quantity.●There are preferential policies for long-term customers.●Customized service is available. Your demand is our offering standard●Quality guarantee for each item from our company is established.●Excellent customer service policies on repair/exchange/refund.FAQ: Q1: Can we obtain the free sample?A1: Sure certainly! We can provide the free sample completely if you pay the fare. Q2: What is the advantage of your company?A2: First of all, Our company has the quick delivery speed. Whats more, the production of our company produce is various. Finally, we can provide you a favorable price Q3: How do you ensure the quality of the product?A3: All products have passed by mechanics, chemistry, ultrasonic testing, radiographic testing, penetration detection, water pressure testing and other professional three parties testing. Q4: Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?A4: We are professional and reliable manufacturer which specialized in titanium alloy forgings, titanium alloy bars, titanium alloy tubes, titanium alloy sheet, titanium flange, all kinks of titanium alloy special-shaped parts, and titanium alloy standard parts.Packing and Shipping:Packing: Packed with wooden case, cardboard case or according to the requirements of customersShipment type: by Sea Freight, Air Cargo, Express delivery and Land TransportationTICHANG is a professional China ti6al4v titanium alloy bars supplier. With reliable performance, high quality and real-time after-sale service, we must be your best choice. Welcome to wholesale ti6al4v titanium alloy bars at competitive price with us.

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