Plano-Convex Cylindrical Lens

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Cylindricallenses are typically used to focus incoming light to a line, or to change the aspect ratio of an image. have a single cylindrical surface that causes incoming light to be focused in only a single dimension, stretching the image. Cylindricallenses are available with positive or negative focal lengths, ideal for laser line generation or anamorphic beam shaping to circularize laser outputs.

Opticreateprovides achromatic cylindricallens, plane-convex cylindrical lensandplane-concave ,adopts special technology to ensure the center deviation accuracy, itcould be controlled within 5μm, the shapeof cylindricallenscould be circular, rectangularect.We also provided cylindrical lens with reflectionor anti-reflection coating.


BK7,Fused silica

Design wavelength


Diameter tolerance





≥3mm(Feature: Big radius)

Focal length tolerance



≤0.01mm(High Precision 0.005mm)

Clear Aperture



<1.5λ@633nm(General),<λ/4@633nm(High Precision)


λ/4 @ Precision)

Surface Quality




HR coating, AR coating(Could be customized)

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