Corner Cube Prism

Corner Cube Prism

Corner Cube Prismis always used to reflect the beam entering the prism face, regardless of its orientation to the beam. Corner cubes are widely used where precision alignment is difficult.

We also provide other optical prismsuch as roof prism, half pentagonal prism, penta prism, dove prism, paul prism.

Capacity:Material: Optical glass, Fusedsilica, Sapphire, ZnSeDimension: 1-250 mmDimension Tolerance: +0/-0.1 mmSurface Flatness: nmSurface Quality: 10-5Angular Accuracy: 5 SecondCoating: Uncoated, AR, HR, Beamsplitter ect.



BK7 grade A optical glass

Dimension Tolerance


Clear Aperture



180°±3 arc seconds


λ/4 @ 632.8nm on big surface

λ/10 nm on other surface

Surface Quality

60-40 scratch and dig

Wavefront Distortion

λ/2 @ 632.8nm

Protective Bevel

from 0.2mm to 0.5mm x 45°

BK7 Corner CubePrismStandard Products:

Part No.


h (mm)





Note: Other sizes, material and coatings are available upon request.

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