Singlet Lenses

Singlet lens is a lens consisting of a pure single element, whichcan be considered as the fundamental element of developing optical systems. Based on optical engineers’design, multiple singlet lenses might be utilized within an optical system with other optics.

As the basic optical element, singlet lenses are commonly used in engineers’design, and further assembly works foravariety of applications such as imaging collimating. AtHyperion Optics, our manufacturing capability covers Plano Concave/Convex, Bi-Concave, Bi-Convex, Positive and Negative Meniscus, rangedfrom many variations of optical glass and fused silicaand even crystal. With our reliable coating technique, AR or V-coatings can be applied to reach expectation. Special treatment i.e. edge blackening / special packaging / labelingalso availableupon request.

Our singlet lenses production competency helps our customers to build theirunique and cutting edge applications such as microscopy device, diameter 2.5mm~3.5mm design, forprojection/ observation applications,we candeliver180+mm in diameter singlet lens. Besides regular visible spectrum singlet lenses, NIR/ SWIR/ / LWIR/MWIRlensare also availableat our facility, please refer to our IR optics for more information.




Diameter Tolerance(mm)




Center Thickness(mm)




Radius (%)




Focal Length Tolerance (%)








Figure Tolerance in λ(Pow/irreg)

3 - 1

2 - 1/4

1 - 1/10

Centration (Arc min)




Dia. To Thick Ratio


Coating (T% avg)





CDGM,Ohara, Schott & Infrared Materials


Configurations available:
Plano-Convex, Plano-Concave, Bi-Concave, Bi-Convex, Positive and Negative Meniscus

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