Intelligent absolute pressure transmitter

Pressure measurement by the capacitive sensing element transformation for variable capacitance and the A / D circuit directly into digital signal and conversion after sent to the microprocessor, through operation correction of digital signal by D / a conversion into 4 ~ 20mADC output signal is sent to display / control instrument or DCS device. In the future, the digital signal is converted into frequency signal and is superimposed on the analog signal of 4 ~ 20mADC, and the corresponding HART terminal equipment is received.

Two, product features

(1) high stability and high reliability

The high sensitivity of the pressure sensitive element for the full seal design, the stress isolation structure and over voltage protection to ensure the stability and reliability of sensitive components.

(2) automatic compensation function

The pressure and temperature characteristics of the EEPROM storage are corrected by the main control unit. The main control unit of the microprocessor is automatically compensated for the linear and temperature, which makes the 3151 intelligent transmitter with high accuracy and little temperature.

Three, parts and components of a strong exchange

Regardless of range and output form, flanges, fittings, electrical housing, display meter, end cover and mounting brackets are interchangeable, intelligent circuit board can also swap, sensors are also interchangeable, by replacing the sensor change measuring range, but after the replacement also need to re calibration.

Our main products includeRosemountpressure transmitter,Rosemounttemptransmitter,Yokogawa Pressure Transmitter,Rosemount 3051s pressuretransmitter,flow transmitter, liquid level meter, flowmeter, flow meter, thermal resistance, thermocouple, level gauge, temperature controller and sensors. The brands we can supply include Rosemount, Yokogawa, Abb, Honeywell, Siemens, etc. We have attained ISO9001:2008 certification. Moreover, we had won a lot of awards. Most of our products are exported to Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and America. Thanks to more than 5 years hard work, we have enjoyed a high reputation at home and abroad.

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