Gas cylinder shot blasting machineis used to automatically clean the surface of the cylinders by blasting of the abrasive coming from the blast turbines of the machine in a confined chamber. The cylinders get shot blasted as they pass through the blasting chamber on the base of the machine. The cylinders also get rotated on the rollers as they pass through to ensure the cleaning of the complete surface. LPG cylinder shot blasting machineis one of the types of cylinder shot blasting machine.

QINGGONG MACHINERY has 3 solutions for gas cylinder shot blasting machine: skew roll shot blasting machine, hanger type shot blasting machine and overhead rail shot blasting machine.

Skew roll shot blasting machine (Diabolo shot blasting machine)

This kind of shot blasting machine has large productivity, which can blast cleaning 200-600 per day(8 working hours), it is especially suitable for cylinders manufacturers.

Hanger type shot blasting machine

This kind of shot blasting machine is the most cost-effective solutions, it is suitable for the company which provide blast cleaning services for cylinders, and the productivity for this kind of shot blasting machine is about 100 to 150 pieces per shift at most.

Overhead rail shot blasting machine

This kind of shot blasting machine will continuous blast cleaning the cylinders on a overhead rail, and this kind of shot blasting machine can be designed blast cleaning 500-1000 cylinders per shift, the productivity is the most among the three solutions.

Gas cylinder shot blasting machine advantage:

Suitable for cleaning the outer wall of LPG, CNC, GAS cylinders.

Removing the rust and oxide, increasing the surface quality of the bottles and cylinders.

Removing the casting sands, cores and old paint for a better paint ashesive.

It can be used not only alone, but also in combination with other machines to form a gas cylinder production line.

If you want to buy shot blasting machineand Shot Blasting Machine,you can contact us.

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