AlNiCo Magnets

Category: AlNiCo magnets/metal perpament magnets

Advantages: high magnetic energy, good temperature stability

Disadvantages: very low coercive force,easy to be demagnetized, magnetic circuit design can not use thin disc magnets, and must be assemblied first then overall magnetized

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AlNiCo magnet is the earliest developed permanent magnetic material, it is an alloy of Al, Ni, Co, Fe and another rare metal element. AlNiCo permanent magnets birthed in 30 years of 20 Century, its magnetic property is best in the years, so it was most widely used in permanent magnetic motors. But that application in motors was replaced step by step when ferrite permanent magnets and rare earth magnets produced. And the proportion of AlNiCo application for motors went down. For AlNiCo magnets, the ability of corrosion resistant is good, surface treatment is not needed for it. It usually made into cylinder AlNiCo magnets or block AlNiCo magnets. The advantages of AlNiCo magnets are high remanence (maximum up to 1.35T) and low-temperature coefficient(-0.02%/℃), maximum working temperature is around 520℃, the magnetic properties change caused by temperature change is very small. The disadvantages of AlNiCo are low coercivity (normally lower than 160KA/m), and the demagnetize curve is not linear, it is easy to be magnetized and also easy to be demagnetized.

According to the different production methods, it classified as sintered AlNiCo magnets and cast AlNiCo magnets. Cast AlNiCo can be machined into different shapes and sizes, for all kinds of permanent magnets, cast AlNiCo magnets have the lowest Temp.Coefficient, its working temperature can be up to 600 degrees. Cast AlNiCo magnets are used for kinds of instruments and meters, auto parts,electric-acoustic, teaching field etc.

Compared with cast AlNiCo magnets, sintered AlNiCo magnets suit for making complex shapes and smaller sizes,the size tolerance for sintered AlNiCo magnets is smaller and better than cast AlNiCo magnets. For sintered AlNiCo magnets, the process is simple and it can be pressed into needed size directly.The property of sintered AlNiCo magnets is lower than cast AlNiCo magnets, but sintered AlNiCo magnets more suitable for machine.Sintered AlNiCo magnets are wide used on instruments and meters, comm unicate,magneto-electricity switch, and kinds of transducers.

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Ningbo Beilun MeankMagnetics Co., Ltd is located in the home of Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets -Ningbo City, we engaged in production of rare earth neodymium magnets over 10 years. After so many years development in the field of rare-earth permanent magnets, we not only produce the highest grade NdFeB power magnets, but also make different kinds of magnets assemblies(such as holding magnets, pot magnets, separate magnets and kinds of magnetic tools).

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