Non-Woven Fabric

Regarding our non-woven fabric, we provide different test report, such as SGS, RoHs hazardous metals testing, and ensure that the disposable non wovenfabrics we sell are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless. Besides, This non woven roll manufactureralso provide related material safety data sheets for our clients' reference.

Training workers how to pack the medical fabric well by shrink film and how to wrap it, make sure the non woven cloth rolllook beautiful, clean and sanitary from the appearance. Training them how to write the labels correctly, it is easy for customers and their discharge port custom to identify the goods. We also let the workers master how to add color master batch when producing non woven fabric. It ensures the accuracy of colored non-woven fabric and makes sure that the fabric's color is no deviation and meet the client's request.

We provide one-stop supplying of non woven fabric chinaface masks raw material, such as pp spunbond fabric, ES non woven chinafabric and active carbon non woven fabric, BFE 99 meltblown, KF80, KF94 and KF99 meltblown non woven fabric, this can meet nearly all non woven products factory's request. Besides, all these face masks raw material can load and deliver in one container, In this way, it avoids the goods' damage and loss caused by less than one container load and saves a lot of time, energy and funds for the purchasers.

The non woven we selling are all produced by 100% virgin pp, we never add calcium carbonate or use recycled disposable non woven productsor polypropylene, so that our company's fabric has excellent tensile strength and feeling soft, the side with embossing looks oily and breathable, it doesn't irritate or cause facial allergy.

Our company can produce agriculture used UV stable nonwoven fabric, this kind of fabric mostly used for weed control, crop covers in vegetable shed, it can last half to one year in the sunshine and warmly welcome by Europe clients.

Our hydrophilic fabric is also excellent, the fabric weight after water absorb can reach three times that of the gram weight, mostly used in baby diapers production, sanitary napkins, adult pad, incontinence pad.

The flame retardant non-woven are mostly used in airline head rest covers for aircraft interior, we use Korea fire retardant material. Our fire-resistant effect is obvious, it can pass Europe test standard FAR.25.853

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Sensi factoryis one of professional diaper raw material suppliers. We provide ES Non-Woven Fabric, Active Carbon Non woven Fabric and so on. Want to know more? Please contact us.

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