Пептид джекфрута для омоложения


Jackfruit is a tropical fruit rich in sugars, proteins, B vitamins(B1, B2, B6), vitamin C, minerals, and fatty oils, which is not only edible, but also could be used for medicine and timber. SEMNL jackfruit peptide is based on jackfruit in Hainan, and its macromolecular protein is degraded into a small molecular peptide by enzymatic hydrolysis technology. Jackfruit peptide is easily absorbed by human body and is better used in functional foods.


Promote digestion;

Skin care;

Promote blood circulation;

Promote lactation.

Application:Dietary supplements;Food.

The Leading Supplier of Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen in China As a leading high-tech enterprise,  found in Beijing in 2006, mainly focuses on research, development, production and supply of  products. Our hydrolyzed collagen products are derived from fish skin and scale, bovine skin/bone gelatin. Hydrolyzed collagen type II is derived from chicken cartilage, which are widely used into health products, cosmetics and nutrition products by many market-leading companies worldwide.

SEMNL is known as one of the most qualified enterprises in China in the field of collagen production. Headquartered in Beijing, production based in Haikou City, Hainan Province, Huaibei City, Anhui Province, and Wuzhong city, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. SEMNL was officially identified as a high-tech enterprise by Chinese Government in 2009. Its production plant was established in accordance with GMP-standard; the annual output of hydrolyzed fish collagen is about 3,000 MT. SEMNL has established three sales and service centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou respectively, with a complete customer service management system and standard customer service processes.

:Beijing SEMNL  Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Strategic partners: Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Peking University; China Agricultural University; Beijing Institute of Nutritional Resources.

Certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 22000, Halal, FDA , EU(4600/22053), HACCP, BRC.

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