Silicone Coated Mesh Fabric

Silicone mesh fabricis a new high performance and versatile composite material. It can be used as a grid conveyor belt, which is resistant to high temperature and breathable. It can also be cut into small pieces as baking sheets and baking pads in ovens.

Specifications Of Silicone Dehydrator MeshFabric

Section number

grid size



maximum width



Transparent, black, white, etc.

Glass fiber mesh + liquid silicone



Transparent, black, white, etc.

Glass fiber mesh + liquid silicone

Highlight Of Silicone Backed Fabric

Non-toxic and environmentally friendly in line with US FDA, European LFGB and other food inspection standards, certificates can be provided.

Safe to use in the range of high and low temperature -40°C-250°C, no smoke, no discoloration.

Non-adhesive permanently non-stick, will not lose anti-stick properties due to wear.

High-strength and durable repeated use up to thousands of times, and the ultra-long service life comes from the internal high-strength glass fiber fabric.

Easy to clean, rinse with water or wipe with a rag, stubborn stains can also be brushed with ordinary detergent.

It is convenient to store. When not in use, it can be rolled up and stored without taking up space.

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