Temporary Fence

Security Fence Series

Definition and Uses

Temporary Fenceis also called removable fence or removable security fence. It is one of mesh fence products which can be removable and used for many times. It is widely used in building sites and mine sites for temporary protection. It is also used in major public events, such as sports meetings, concerts, festivals and gatherings for temporary safety barrier and keeping the order. And it can be found as the temporary protection in the road construction, facilities under construction of living area, parking and commercial activities, as the guide for public in the attractions.


Temporary fencing is mainly made with removable accessories which make fence panels tied with fence feet or fence post. They are removable which makes transportation and storage much easier and more efficient. And they can be used for many times to meet the feature of low cost, which is popular with customers home and abroad. They have specially designed flat feet, making the barriers quite stable and much safer than other barriersFinish treatment:

In general, the finish treatment is galvanized, plastic coated. We can combine galvanizing and plastic coating.

Main Types:

Steel Tube Temporary Fence:The products are made with bended hot-dip galvanized tube after welding, and they are beautiful, strong and highly fixable.Post:The post is tied with fence panel, and it is easy to install.Panel feet:There are two main types. Flat feet: It is removable and widely used in this type. Three-foot feet: It is tied with fence panel and without need to disassemble.

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