Boomerang Slide


Keyword: Commercial water slides manufacturer

Material: fiberglass

Capacity: 2 or 4 person/raft

Slide type: raft slide

Width: 2.5m-18.6m

Length: 106m

Tower height: 9m – 18.5m

Floor space: 20㎡- 1500㎡

Capacity per hour: 40 or 400 riders/h

Boomerang Large Water Slide For Sale Cheap Water Slide Supplier

Haisan is a water park equipment manufacturer located in Guangdong province in China with its own brand Haisen. At Haisan, there are a big range of slides, rides and pools equipment for water parks, theme parks and amusement parks. The main material being used for those water park equipment are fiberglass with techniques of hand spray up and powder coating, which meets SGS stands under ISO9001:2008 management.

Boomerang large water slide with high platform is more like a family ride for four persons. It is one of the most popular large-scale slides in the water park. When guests take a raft from the 12.5-meter-high platform and on the slide rapidly, it make the guests have the feeling of weightlessness. The boomerang large water slide is more safe and exciting. Boomerang slide is one of the most popular large-scale slides, and every raft can supply four seats at the same time. With the influence of gravity, when taking a raft from the 18.6-meter-high platform and slipping on the slide rapidly, guests will have the feeling of weightlessness. Then under the effect of inertia, they rush across the slide and slip down the pool slowly. Furthermore, we also supply Boomerang with spiral slides which can bring more surprises to guests.

Aqua Park Equipment - Boomrange large water slide

In order to enrich water park equipment types in domestic and abroad, and bring new experience for riders, Guangzhou Haisan Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd. develops Boomerang slide. Riders take on a raft in the shape of a clover, grasp handles on both sides, and slide down along the way with its own gravity under water lubrication conveniently. The initial part of the slide is elliptical spiral section. After steep fall from the bottom of elliptical spiral section, riders will rush to the bottom and then climb to the top. Then they will come down from the top and enter the buffer section. Up and down in the buffer section, they will slow down to the splash pool and finally stop there with a thrilling journey. Up and down in the raft, riders will be very exciting like taking on a roller coaster.

Haisan Services:

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Wrapped with bubble film,in wooden box, for shipping

Delivery Detail: Within 20-40days in usual.But according to the quantity.

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