Tower Toss Bean Bag Bucket Game

Tower Toss Bean Bag Bucket Game

The bean bag basket tossis easy to assemble, and the height can be adjusted according to the child.

The lightweight design of bean bag bucket toss makes it one of the best portable outdoor games.

Basketball bean bag toss is interesting and versatile. Bean bag basket game can be used in many different games. Children can play basket toss game in many other ways. The bean bag basket toss tower can be customized according to the player's skill level.


The bean bag tower game tower toss game set includes a trainer frame, a pitching linkage and a lifting auxiliary frame. You can adjust the lifting support frame according to your children’s height and arm length to guide the direction of shooting force.


Bean bag bucket toss can be played by yourself or against others by attempting to score by throwing bean bags or bouncing ping pong balls into different numbered baskets.

Bucket bean bag game has high resistance to dents, bumps, and scratches; with smooth edges and tear-resistant beanbags to prevent choking hazards and avoid hurting your kid's fingers.

Eco-friendly material.

Customize for customers.

Attach great importance to quality.

Boit basket bean bag game have passed strict multiple inspections to provide customers with multiple guarantees.

Bring this thrilling bean bag toss game to the beach, backyard or birthday celebration party to ensure that everyone has a good time. The Basket Bash target toss is one of the greatest portable lawn games available, thanks to its lightweight construction.


Bucket bean bag game's portable, lightweight, and durable.

Basketball bean bag toss's easy to take it with you to the beach, tailgating, partying, camping, or anywhere else.

Great for kids and adults to remain active and unplugged.

This basket bean bag game has 4 entertaining foot which can be played by oneself or against others by striving to score as many points as possible into different numbered baskets. With a weight of less than 4 pounds, you can conveniently transport this bean bag basket toss to wherever you want.

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