concrete mixing plant

HZS/HLS series of concrete mixing plant/towers are HONGDA’s newly developed products on its many years’ experience of producing concrete mixing equipments combined with international top technology and advantages and techniques of advanced machine types both in CHINA and abroad in recent years. The series of product passed the test of NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION AND CITY BUILDING MACHINERY QUALITY SUPERVISION AND TEST CENTER and are approved to reach national standards. The series of product also passed national science and technology commission technical achievements appraisal organized by SHANDONG PROVINCE DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY with their conclusion: they are the only products in the same trade in CHINA that achieves domestic leading level in general index and achieves international advanced level in such aspects as productivity,noise control,environmental production,etc. In them HZS180 concrete mixing plant was chosen as one of NATIONAL KEY NEW PRODUCTS in 2005.

[HZS/HLS series of commodity concrete mixing plant/towers main technical parameters]

hProduction in theory

60 90 120 180 240
Mixing engine JS1000 JS1500 JS2000 JS3000 JS4000
Measuring scope and precision Stone(kg) 2000±2% 2500±2% 3000±2% 4000±2% 5000±2%
Cobble(kg) 2000±2% 2500±2% 3000±2% 4000±2% 5000±2%
Cement(kg) 600±1% 900±1% 1200±1% 1800±1% 2400±1%
Mingled materials(kg) 300±1% 500±1% 600±1% 900±1% 1200±1%
Water(kg) 300±1% 400±1% 500±1% 800±1% 1000±1%
Additives(kg) 30±1% 30±1% 50±1% 80±1% 100±1%
Distributing plant/container Container quantity,container capacity,and installed form of distributing plant and mixing towers varying with customers’ demands
Powder tank system Powder tank volume and quantity,and configuration of powder tank accessories varying with customers’demands.
General power(kw) 80 105 125 175 220
Discharging height(m) 3.8 3.8 3.8 3.8 3.8

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