Roundnet Slam Ball Set

It takes a few minutes to set up the frame & net.

This game is played by 4 people, it is fun and addictive. The Slam jam game is similar to a volleyball game.

Whether you are a volleyball fan or not, you will definitely like this derivative game.

It also perfects for all ages, improves our eye-hand coordination, agility and body shape.

Roundnet slam ball set by Boit, a professional manufacturer in eco-friendly plastic products, is perfect for all ages. This double-bounce pro spikeball game is just like a mini volleyball game. With a relatively cheap price, the standard kit is suitable for the whole family.


As a reliable plastic product supplier, Boit provides quality spikeball set at affordable price. Here is an installation video to help you set up this pro-net combo game kit. For official tournament rules of spikeball, contact us and get more relevant videos.


Easy to set up and easy to carry.

The net is made of high elastic fabric, which will keep tight when playing.

You can play game ball indoors and outdoors.

Eco-friendly material.

Customize for customers.

Attach great importance to quality.

Products have passed strict multiple inspections to provide customers with multiple guarantees.

Boit, a reputable company in good quality plastic products, has a stylish spikeball set for sale, very cost-effective. Out sport spikeball rookie kit uses eco-friendly materials to protect your health. The installation of this family game set is quite easy, a piece of cake for you.


Slam Jam Game Set


PP & elastic fabric





Parts list

Playing Net x1

Conner connectors x6

Long tubes x6

Short tubes x6

End capsx6




This game is not restricted by time, space or age. It can be used for entertainment and competition indoors or outdoors such as lawn, yard, beach, gym, tailgate, and other places at any time.

Slam ball basketball set by Boit is widely used for indoor and outdoor entertainment. This beach 1v1 or 3v3 spike ball game kit can be played with people of all ages, regardless of space and time. More than 2 players can enjoy the game in places such as lawn, beach, gym, yard, etc.

As a reliable outdoor toy supplier, Boit provides customized plastic outdoor playground equipment for kids and toddlers. These relatively garden toy set are great for play areas like garden, backyards. Our ball game set is perfect for games to play with friends both indoors and outdoors. Our jump rocket set, which can be held on the lawn or in the backyard, is sure to bring you great pleasure.

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