Side Loader Garbage Trucks

What is side loader garbage truck

Side Loader Garbage Truck is loaded from the side, also called Hanging bucket garbage truck, self-loading andmanual side loader garbage truck, is mainly used in various municipal and large factory and mine departments to carry various kinds of garbage, and can also transport ash, sand, stone, soil, and other bulk building materials. either manually, or with the assistance of a joystick-controlled robotic arm with a claw, used to automatically lift and tip wheeled bins into the truck's hopper.

Side loader garbage trucks advantages

An Automated Side Loader only needs one operator, where a traditional rear load garbage truck may require two or three people, and has the additional advantage of reducing on the job injuries due to repetitive heavy lifting. Due to these advantages, ASL's have become more popular than the traditional manual collection. Typically an Automated Side Loader uses standardized wheeled carts compatible with the truck's automated lift.

1. The hydraulic system is installed reasonably, and a reliable fixing device is arranged to ensure that there is no leakage for a long time so that it is reliable, convenient to maintain and prolong the service life;

2. The garbage can be made of high-quality steel plate in WISCO, and stainless steel plate can be installed on the bottom of the box to ensure smoothness during unloading;

3. The bottom of the box can be installed according to the seasonal temperature of the area to ensure the normal operation of the vehicle;

4. Install the pusher and scraper device in the sealed garbage box to ensure that the discharging is clean.

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