Thermal conductivity 5.0W/mK

Low thermal resistance

Ultra thin bondline

Conforming with wet out

Design for low stress application


Automotive electronics

Comsumer electronics


Computer and peripherals



XK-G50is a high performance, low thermalimpedance thermal gel.It accommodates a variety of different bondline thickness. This material can fillintrcate voids and gaps under low pressure. It requires no curing and mixing, providing desgin flexibility.

GLPOLY performance thermal gel has features and benefits:

1. Easily dispensed, non-curing, wetting out interface, decreasing contact thermal resistance;

2. Particle size is as small as 1μm, filling rate is 20% higher than that of peers’;

3. Supplied in one-component, decreasing purchasing and logistics complexity;

4. Compatible with high volume, automated dispense processes, accomodates a variety of bondline thickness;

5. Deforms under low pressure, decreasing stress on component thus decreasing component failures;

6. Proven reliability in extreme temperature cycling and thermal shock;

GLPOLY thermal gel can be dispensed easily, and is compatible with high volume, automated dispense processes.

GLPOLY thermal gel XK-G50 was designed to improve thermal management of 5G telecom modules.

XK-G50 thermal gel has been applying to 5G Telecom equipments of top class brands in bulk production and recognized by lots of thermal management engineers.

A lot of domestic competitors said they could provide high performance thermal gel for 5G telecom. Actually, it’s hard to find a suitable thermal gel for 5G modules. The thermal conducvity was lower than data marked on spec, or oil leakage exceeded permitted levels etc., all fake data would be disclosed by test result. GLPOLY never delivered defective products but had all products meet customers’ requirements, no matter the performance or physical properties.

GLPOLY modified the raw materials and reduced particle size by nano-grinder, improving particle contact and heat transfer. Automated production processes could eliminate artificial error and keep consistancy of product.

2018, a 5G telecon equipment manufacturer contacted me, he need a high performance thermal gel, thermal condutctivity should be 5-6W/mK. He said he had tested at least eight samples from five suppliers, but found no one satisfied. lower performance as it shoud be comparing with specification. I understood what he said, because many competitors bragged a liitle about their products, I promised that GLPOLY provided real thing, all data must comply with test result. Customer decided to test 5.0W/mK thermal gel after reviewing data sheet.

Reliability test lasted for 10 months, no matter thermal performance or physical properties, were approved by customer. We haven’t received quality complaint from customer in the past two years.

GLPOLY thermal gel XK-G50 has following advantages:

1. Thermal conductivity 5.0W/mK, few of competitors can make it;

2. Low thermal resistance, wetting-out interface, decreasing contact resistance;

3. Automated production process, eliminating artificial error;

GLPOLY thermal interface materials have been recognized by DT Mobile, TINNO Mobile,Huawei, dJI Innovation, Freetech Pilot, GAC NEand NIO Automotive etc., helping customers protect their brand reputation and design breakthroughs.

GLPOLY Thermal gel XK-G50, taking top spot on the list ofsimilar product supply.

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