thallium metal

Commodity:Thallium Metal Ingot ALias:Thallium,Thallium element Purity:99.99% CAS No.:7440-28-0 EINECS No.:231-138-1 MF:Tl Molecular Weight:204.3833 Melting Point:302 C Boiling Point:1457 C Inchi:InChI=1S/Tl Density:1.01 g/mL at 25 °C UN No.:UN3288 6.1/PG 2 Safety Instruction:Human poison by unspecified route. Human systemic effects by ingestion: nerve or sheath structural changes, extra-ocular muscle changes, sweating, and other effects. Flammable in the form of dust when exposed to heat or flame. Violent reaction with F2. When heated to decomposition it emits toxic fumes of Tl. Used as a rodenticide and fungicide, and in lenses and prisms, in high-density liquids. See also THALLIUM COMPOUNDS and POWDERED METALS.Analytical Methods: For occupational chemical analysis use NIOSH: Elements (ICP) 7300. Packing Group:II Risk Group:6.1 Uses:System for photoelectric tubes, industrial low temperature meter, optical glass, for purification, the manufacture of alloys, chemical reagents, instrumentation and semiconductor doping

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