capabilities cleaning sponge

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eco-friendly can be made according to your requirement Decontamination capabilities

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absorbing sponge
absorbing sponge Sound-absorbing effect is good, FR,Rohs,svhc Noise reduction GB,BS-5852 or TB117 absorbing sponge
sponge lined preotective packaging
sponge lined preotective packaging Abrasion resistance, toughness, anti-vibration GB,BS-5852 or TB117 sponge lined preotective packaging
nato cleansing sponge
nato cleansing sponge soaked volume will expand, dip amount of cleaning fluid in the product on the rub can produce a rich foam, water resistance
cellular clean sponge
cellular clean sponge cleansing removal dead skin ,good quality make up,sweat absorbant,cleansing etc soft material,nice apperance good elasticity
sponge bob toy
sponge bob toy excellent quality, animal sponge toy, more cute designed, foam products, many kinds of styles and colors
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