Russian Mud Pump UNB-600 Liners

Russian Triplex Mud Pump


Jinan Tianwei Innovation Oilfield Equipment Enterprise(OEE)is a leading manufacturer and supplier of oilfield equipment for drilling contractors operators and service company worldwide OEE is specialized in supplying Triplex Mud Pump, mud pump interchangeable fluid end parts, also exporting series of wellhead tools and drilling tools. With years of experience of production and export trade, we are capable of producing series of Russian style pump spares, such as Single/Bimetallic liners, Rubber Pistons, Bonded Urethane Pistons, Valve and Seats, Module, Piston Rod for UNBT‐1180/L, UNBT950, NBT600, NBT475, UNB600, UNB600L, TWS200, etc. Besides, a wide range of American/European popular pumps parts are also in our specialized field, including Brewster, Emsco/Bomco, Drillmec, Gardner‐Denver, Gaso, HongHua, Ideco, Lewco, Massarenti, National, Oilwell, OPI or Wirth, Wheatley, Wilson pumps.


Mainly for


liners(p/n: 14036.53.430.СБ 01)

liners(p/n: 4066.53.501‐01)

Liners(p/n: 14073.53.342.СБ)

Liners(p/n: 8T‐650‐01)

Rubber Piston assy.(p/n:14036.53.230(01-08))

Rubber Piston assy.(p/n:14010.53.005 СБ‐01)

Piston Hub (p/n:14036.53.231(01‐08))

Piston Rubber(p/n:14036.53.233(01‐15))

Valve assy.(p/n:14077.53.005, 14006.53.861‐3)

Valve assy.(P/n: K9.00.00.000)

Valve seat(p/n: 14006.53.864‐2)

Valve Spring(p/n: 14073.53.131)

Pony rod(p/n: 4066.53.514‐1)

Pulsation dampener assy.(p/n:СБ)

If you need any items, kindly let us know, we will give you a satisfied quotation.

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