ZKS-T2-TUB Biometric Time Recorder System

Brief Introduction

  1. 2.8 inches TFT color LCD, staff name, shift, schedule, statistic report and other parameters can be setup on machine directly.
  2. Users In/Out records can be checked directly in device or downloaded in excel format to U-disk flash.
  3. Data transmission between device and computer can be realized by TCP/IP, RS485, USB, optional GPRS wireless network.
  4. Build in backup battery can avoid data loss if sudden power off occurs.
  5. This terminal also can be used as professional access control because of duress alarm, fire alarm input and output, door state check etc.
  6. Various verification methods, FP, PWD, Card, FP + PWD, FP + Card.


  1. Large storage capacity: 3000 fingerprints and 80000 transaction records.
  2. Embedded 24 bells can remind you in specific time, such as on-duty and off-duty time.
  3. Voice personalization makes your device unique and fashionable.
  4. Advanced fingerprint algorithm and high-quality hardware ensure fast and reliable identification.
  5. 3 kinds of administrators with different level, Super-Admin, Enroll-Admin, Record-Admin.
  6. DST feature satisfies demand of seasonal time changing.


Technical Parameters

  1. Fingerprint Capacity: 3,000
  2. Transaction Records: 80,000
  3. CPU: QFP100_0MM5 ARM9
  4. Algorithm: Version High-speed ZKSWQ5268 Finger VX8.0
  5. Sensor: Optical Sensor with high sensibility
  6. Display: 2.8 inches, 320*240 TFT color LCD
  7. Keypad: Total 16 buttons (6 Function Keys and 1 Access Key)
  8. Admin Record Capacity: 1,000
  9. Identification Rate: <0.7 seconds
  10. FRR (False Rejection Rate): <0.01%
  11. FAR (False Acceptance Rate) : <0.0001%
  12. ERR (Error) :<0.0001%
  13. Verification Method: FP, PWD, Card (optional), FP + Card, FP + PWD
  14. Verify Mode: 1:1, 1:N (N≤3000)
  15. Communication: TCP/IP, RS485, USB, GPRS(optional)
  16. Separated Time Attendance & Separated Access Control: Support
  17. Access Control: Multiple Unlock Periods, Unlock Combinations, Dismantle Proof Alarm, Duress Alarm, Door State Check & Fire Alarm Input & Output.
  18. Build-in Bell: Maximum 24 different bells per day of entire week
  19. Auto On/Off: Support
  20. DST Setting: Support
  21. User Name Input: Support input method of Chinese, English, Digit, etc
  22. Language: Spanish, Turkish, English, etc
  23. Size: 190*128*50.5 (mm)
  24. Optional: Card Reader, Backup Battery, GPRS, Printer
  25. Power Supply: DC9V, 1A/DC12V,2A(AC110V-220V±15%50-60Hz)
  26. Warranty: 1 year Quality Assurance, 3 years Repair Guarantee
  27. Environment: Temperature 0-45 degree; Humidity 20%-80%
  28. Application: Office, School, Factory, Hotel, Bank, etc

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