Universal Milling Machine X6235

Item X6235
 worktable area(width*length):  350*1600mm or   350*2000mm
 Max. longitudinal travel(manual)/(power)  1000/900mm or 1400/1300mm
 Max. transversal travel(manual)/(power)  300/280mm
 Max. vertical travel(manual)/(power)  430/400mm
 T-slots(number of slot-width*pitch)  5-18*65mm
 Distance from center line of horizontal spindle to table surface  30-430mm
 Distance from vertical spindle nose to table  50-550mm
 Horizontal Spindle taper  7:24/ISO50
 Vertical spindle taper  7:24/ISO40
 Max.swivel angle of universal rotary head  360°
 Max.swivel angle of table  ±45°
 Spindle speed range (horizontal/vertical)  35-700/90-1450r/min
 Table feed range (longitudinal/cross)  15-750mm/min
 Table feed range(vertical)  5-250mm/min
 Fast moving of table(longitudinal cross/vertical)  1920/640mm/min
 Main Power(horizontal/vertical)  7.5/3KW
 Feed motor  1.9/1.3kw
 Motor of coolant  0.125kw
 Packing Size(L×W×H)  2190×2230×2140mm
 Net weight  3200/3500kg

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