Portable device drop tester KD-208A

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Equipped with portable device drop tester, we can avoid turning specimen around to reach the requirement of high standard testing to test mobile , battery, PDA, digital camera and other hand-held communications and IT product.

Drop floor: steel plate, it can install extra cement board, wood, carpet to reach different requirement.

Drop angle: adjust the direction of specimen to make it applicable to testing in all directions (angle, corner line or surface).

Product specification




Platform Diameter(mm)

850 x 1,200


Test Height(mm)


35 ~ 1,800

35 ~ 2,000

45 ~ 2,500


Max Load(kg)


5 / 10

Buffer Type

Hydraulic buffer


unique controller

Power Req.

AC 220V 50Hz

Gas Req.

> 6 MPa


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