P16 Outdoor Scrolling Led Sign Advertising

Highly Stable Distributed Scanning P16 Outdoor Scrolling Led Sign Advertising



Introduction to Dynamic Digital Signage:

As a new type of dynamic digital signage, it can automatically and continuously display advertising information, foil the atmosphere, decorate the environment and attract thousands of eyes. No matter self-employed businessman or companies with big brand, they can all use outdoor scrolling led signs to attract customers, introduce products, demonstrate the brand and decorate the environment, thus creating more and more wealth.


System Advantages of P16 Outdoor Scrolling Led Sign:

1. Distributed scanning and modular design improve the stability and reliability of the system.

2. The displaying parts have various types of pixel tubes, including P10, P14, P16, P20, P5 and P31.5.

3. Every pixel on the outdoor led full color led panel has 1R1G1B which has 256 grey scales, thus constituting 16777216 colors.

4. With computer as the control center, the led display board is equipped with perfect program making software and displaying software, and the electronic signs form one-to-one correspondence with the computer monitor, and the displayed content is real-time synchronization, so that the displayed pictures can be conveniently changed in size.

5. It has such features as wide visual angle, low consumption, even color, thin screen, light weight, low failure rate, easy and simple operation and maintenance, standard design, excellent displaying effect, high brightness, diverse displaying modes, high reliability and all-weather displaying.


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