Textile Machinery Water Jet Loom

 Real Running Speed: 650-750 RPM

Our Price is based on:4 Pcs Heald Frame, 1 Warp Beam, 1 Cloth Roller、1 Reed
Main Components Brand or  Origin:

1. Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT): Shimpo Co.,Ltd, Japan

2. Plunger: (SHUNDING SPINOLE CO., LTD)Taiwan

3. Spring: (SHUNDING SPINOLE CO., LTD) Taiwan

4. Non return valve:  Japan

5.Change Valve :Taiwan

5. Nozzle:  (M.D.H. CO., LTD)South Korea

6. Bearing: NSK, Japan

7. Oil seal: (Tai Tsuang Oil Seal Industry Co., Ltd)Taiwan

8. V-belt, trimming belt, Flat belt :  Japan

9. Bush:  (YUANYI CO., LTD) Taiwan

10. Optical feeler Inductor:   (Ningbo Xinliao Instrument Co., LTD) China

11. Electronic Feeder for two nozzles: made in China (Ningbo Xinliao Instrument Co., LTD)

11. Electronic Controller:   (Ningbo Xinliao Instrument Co., LTD)China

12. Motor: Tianyi Red Flag, China

13. Mew Disk Brake: :(Zhejiang Jingyi Co., Ltd) China

14. Grease fittings: Kunda  Taiwan 5--60picks/cm

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