Portable battery crimping tool hydraulic crimper BE-HC-300

Product Description
Rechargeable hydraulic tool is equipped with 360 ° freedom rotating pliers head , white LED to light working area, microcomputer control system to detect pressure automatically and high performance lithium battery to provide the strong power. It also has the function of manual reset .
Product Feature
1.Sophisticated advanced beautiful firm.

2.Light,small,easily operate.

3.Without spark,sediment,smell.
Product Specification/Models
Name:Cordless Hydraulic Crimping Tool
Type: BE-HC-300
Voltage:18 V
Battery capacity: 3.0 Ah
Gross weight:12kg
Net weight:4.8 kg
Crimping power:6ton /60KN
Crimping size:10-300mm2
Package:One Pc /Metal Box/Cardboard Ctn
Carton Size:540×430×147
Machine Size:315×80×235MM
Certificate:CE ROHS
Crimping Cycle 3S-6S (Dependingon the connector size
Charging time Approx 2 hours
Crimping Die :10,16,25,35,50,70,95,120,150,185,,250,300mm²
Battery: 2PCS
Charger :1 PCS

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