Gem carving machine


Power: 500W

Rotational speed: 40000r/min

Dimension: 600*700*1500mm

Max. carving size: 400*400mm

Weight: 180kg
Function: it apply iron construction,lead screw and triaxial for stable performance and high precision processing.
The machine in stable structure,easy operation, strong commonality. Fine carving products, smooth operation, high stability.
Configuration:computer as 1set,two pumps,wrench as 1 set,1 set of computer,gallery(500pics)
500pics, each year the company's new picture for free provided to the customer, according to customer requirements can be customized freely with the other 30pieces ofpicture. All year round to provide technical support.


1. With tool instrument, for better accuracy of secondary processing, more efficient.
2. The spindle speed up to 40000rpm, high processing speed, are less likely to wreck a utility kn.
3. With better limit imposed on schedule, the machine run more secure.
4. Strengthened the stability of the whole machine, and better rail screw, higher precision and more durable.
5. With orbit screw lubricating oil system, provide more convenient maintaining of the lead screw.

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