Medicinal Indianmulberry Root P.E.

English name: Medicinal Indianmulberry Root P.E.

Latin name: Morinda officinalis How

Specification: 10:1 ,20:1, or according to the requirement of our clients


1.Reducing heat and removing poisonous substances.

It is often used in treating snake-bite, centipede-bites, bee-stings or scorpionism;

2.Promoting discharge of urine to eliminate edema.

It is used in treating edema or ascites or oliguria or with others having the function in promoting the discharge of urine. At present, it is often used in treating ascites due to schistosomiasis or due to hepatocirrhosis. To treat acute otitis media.

it is used in treating cancer in clinical pratice for medical researches.

The package: 2.5 kg/bag, double vacuum packing inside, 25 kg/carton or according to customer requirement.


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