American type axle 14T

American series axle:
1) Inboard drum axle from 8 ton to 20 ton;
2) Outboard drum axle from 11 ton to 16 ton;
Remark: Track length and ABS & automatic slack adjuster is available
1.Axle body and axle head are integrated not by welding but by high temperature extrusion.
2.The brake lining has high performence,non-asbestos,non-pollution,and long use life,for easy checking and replacing.
3.We use famous brand grease ,which can provide high lubricating performence and protect bearing well.
4.The bearing is adopted from the domestic top brand bearing,with the advantages of over loading capability,high rotating speed,good intensity,abrade resisitant and heat resisitant.
5.The axles designed as per international standard,ABS systerm is alternative,which can provide firm protenction for the axle.
1. BPW axle, 9-20Ton complete, 120x120x12mm, 1840 track, 420x180mm
2. Fuwa axle, copy 12Ton complete, 150x150x14mm, 1840 track, 420x180mm ,
3. SAF axle, copy 14Ton complete, 150x150x14mm 1840 track, 420x200mm
4. YORK axle, copy 16Ton complete, 150x150x16mm 1840 track, 420x220mm

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