CNC Lathe boring and milling machine planer type

TK6511 CNC planer type boring and milling machine is a newly developed a kind of high efficiency, high rigidity, the function of advanced machine tools.According to the requirements of users with different systems, different size, different precision turntable, can form the different specifications of different class of machine tools.Is one of the most widely used universal machine tools, its performance is given priority to with boring, milling, drilling, reaming, milling plane can also be that a variety of processes such as machining, particularly suitable for manufacturing porous system of box parts, rack, mold parts processing, after a clamping workpiece, automatic milling, boring, drilling, reaming, milling, tapping and other processes.Cooperate with milling first-class accessories, this machine can be expanding machine processing capacity. 
This machine adopts the advanced mechanical, electrical, hydraulic integration of the new technology to develop cost-effective CNC heavy duty machine tools, machining range is wide, the precision of numerical control function is all ready, and the production efficiency is high.Machine equipped with FANUC 0 im numerical control system and ac digital servo drive system, the system has powerful data packets and low failure rate, the performance is very stable, can realize the seven axis control, four shaft axis linkage with circular arc interpolation and the three dimensional surface processing, functional compensation, data communication and exchange, analog display, a variety of fixed processing cycle, tool management, etc.,.Choose different capacity of the tool library, to realize the automatic clamping a multitasking order processing;Configuration of axes infinite loop feedback system can also be processing precision higher content of the process.

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